Cod eroare Whirlpool

these fault codes apply to whirlpool domestic appliances, hopefully they will help you find out what is wrong with it. please give glotech a call for a quote on a repair.


Fault Code Fault
F0 Sensor Fault
F1 NTC Failure
F2 Water Leakage
F3 Heating System Failure
F4 Drainage Failure
F5 Rotor Blocked
F6 Water Tap Closed
F7 Flow Meter Failure
F8 Water Level Failure
F9 Continuous Water Inlet
FA Optical Water indicator
FB Motorised Diverter Valve
FC Water Hardness Sensor Failure
Washing Machine
Fault Code Fault
FH No Water Inlet
FA Aquastop Failure
FP Drain Failure
F5 NTC Failure
F6 Tachometer Failure (no motor movement detected)
F7 Triac Short Circuit detection
F8 Heating Element, Open Circuit
F9 Overflow Failure
F10 Motor control unit (Thermal)
F11 Communication failure
F12 Heating Element Short Circuit
F13 Dispenser Circuit Error
F14 EEPROM Failure
F15 Motor Control Unit Error
F16 Control Failure (Control Unit)
F18 Control Failure (Control Unit)
F20 Control Failure (Control Unit)
F21 Control Failure (User Board)
F22 Control Failure (User Board)
FDL Door Lock Error
FDU Door Unlock Error
Induction Hobs
Fault Code Fault
F Sensor
F3 Configuration Sensor
F12 Communication Error
F22 Key Sensitivity Error
Touch Control Hob
Fault Code Fault
F3 Configuration Sensor
F12 WISP Communication Error
F22 Key Sensitivity Error
Microwave Ovens
Fault Code Fault
ERR0 Convection Temperature Fault, not connected or Short Circuit
ERR1 Short Circuit in the Microwave Relay
ERR3 Key Error when one of the buttons is pressed for more than 1 minute
ERR6 Weight sensor calibration has not been performed
ERR7 Humidity sensor is defective or has not been connected
ERR8 Impossible to Write to E2 EEPROM
ERR9 Option have not been set
ERR A No wheel detected on weight sensor
ERR B No Pulses from the weight sensor or < 4267Hz
ERR C Fuzzy temperature sensor fault not 19 – 41C
ERR D NTC Overheat protection on the Magnetron is faulty (O/C or S/C)
Steam Chef
Fault Code Fault
F0 Incorrect value of Cavity Sensor
F1 Incorrect value of Cavity Sensor
F2 Incorrect value of Food Probe
F3 Incorrect value of Climate Sensor
F4 Incorrect Current value from Flap Motor
F5 Unable to Backup EEPROM
F7 No, or Slow increase of Climate Temperature
F8 Fuzzy temperature sensor fault not 19 – 41C
F9 Fuzzy temperature sensor fault not 19 – 41C
No Indication Oven does Not Heat
Smart Gas
Fault Code Fault
F01 On/Off Valve stuck Open
F02 Communication Problem
F03 Control Board Problem
F04 User Interface Problem
F05 Continuous E2 EEPROM reset
F11 Burner 1 Open Circuit on Thermocouple
F21 Burner 2 Open Circuit on Thermocouple
F31 Burner 3 Open Circuit on Thermocouple
F41 Burner 4 Open Circuit on Thermocouple
F12 Burner 1 PWM Valve Stuck open
F22 Burner 2 PWM Valve Stuck open
F32 Burner 3 PWM Valve Stuck open
F42 Burner 4 PWM Valve Stuck open
Side by Side
Display LED Buzzer Fault
D Fdg ON ON Damper stuck of doesn’t connect
C Fdg ON ON Fridge Sensor Failure
C Fzr ON ON Freezer Sensor failure
CF Fzr ON ON Comm’s failure between Main board and Interface
“—“ Fzr ON ON Temp in Freezer Higher than -11° (safety limit)
“-7”or other values on Fzr ON ON Black out over temperature alarm engaged
Code Defect Intervention
F01 O/C or S/C Temperature Probe Replace Temperature Probe
F02 Oven Overheating Replace Capricorn
F03 Capricorn not properly configured Replace Capricorn
F04 WISP Protocol not working Replace Capricorn or Scale

these fault codes might apply to the following whirlpool models:

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